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Body Fat Composition Analyzer Scale


Understanding Body Composition

When you step on a scale and see that you’ve lost 3 pounds, what did you really lose? 3 pounds of fat? Muscle? Water? Measuring your body composition allows you to truly understand the changes in your weight.

Knowing how much fat you need to lose and how much muscle mass you are gaining can help tailor your diet and exercise plans to reach your goals.

Your body composition analysis is used as a guide to help determine ideal weight and to monitor progress in weight control and/or exercise programs. With this detailed information, we can develop a more personalized exercise and nutrition program.


Get Your Body Composition Analysis Test Today!

  • Only takes 17 seconds
  • Understand your weight
  • Set your goals
  • Monitor your fat, lean muscle mass and total body water
  • Receive an easy to read analysis that informs you on where your health stands
  • Track your progress

We provide our patients with the most comprehensive body composition testing on the market!

Experience a cutting-edge bioelectrical impedance. Our noninvasive assessment provides an in-depth analysis measuring fat mass, fat-free mass, total body water, intra and extra-cellular water, visceral adipose tissue, and skeletal muscle mass in a rapid 17 seconds. Distinguish between muscle gain and fat loss and understand the real health benefits even when your weight remains the same.

Customized Plans for Weight Loss

Clear, concise instructions make eating healthy easy and fun. Durrell will show you how choosing the right food can be satisfying and delicious. Through his extensive experience in nutrition, Durrell will help you avoid fad diets and food traps. You will learn how to search out real wholesome food as the foundation of your program.


Decreased Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels

Watch your numbers improve safely and effectively through highly sensitive and effective lab testing, latest scientific nutrients, quality foods, and lifestyle tips that are individualized for your specific needs.